"Miss Louise provides a creative, positive and nurturing environment for her dancers. Louise Emma Academy of Dance is like a second home to my girls and given the chance they will live at the studio. Our girls are motivated to challenge themselves, exuding confidence and a passion for dance. We have seen incredible growth in our girls' dance ability - developing strength, flexibility and technique. Louise truly cares and is an inspiration. We are lucky to have such a vibrant, energetic and skilled teacher."


Sandra Twidle-Ip- Parent




"I have attended Louise Emma Academy of Dance since October 2013 and I love it ! With a variety of dance and lovely people all around it's like a family, Louise's experience and influence for student to push themselves have noticeably improved my and other dancers dancing a whole lot and I can see myself exceeding further with her guidance and constant support. An awesome academy. Highly recommend!!"


Hannah Armstrong- Pupil




"Louise is a passionate and talented dancer and teacher and puts her heart and soul into her school and her pupils development. I trust her to train and inspire my child to be the best she can be and she does it with great patience and sensitivity to the range of characters and personalities within the class. She is professional and caring, organised and committed to developing a high quality school where young people learn how to be the best they can be. Just what I want my child to experience in life. Thank you Louise! "


Delyth Morgan-Coghlan- Parent



"I can't really say it in words how much we appreciate your positive influence and constructive advice, it is just amazing to have someone with your passion leading and teaching our girls. :-) xx 

Thank you" 


Carolyn Hamilton- Parent



"So privileged to have a school like this on the island to add to the creative community we have!"


Rosie Ingle- Teacher



"Honey had a wonderful week at the LEAOD holiday camp.... thank you so much for all your work, the show was just lovely, lots of happy kids!"


Hayley Stenning- Parent



"Thank you soooo much for such a wonderful Christmas Party. I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful all your performance girls looked. Such fine lines and sleek arms. Good job Louise!"


Christine Jeromeson-  Parent



"My little girl is SO excited. She is buzzing with happiness when she goes to camp in the morning and until she falls asleep at night. Thank you Louise."


Delyth Morgan-Coghlan- Parent

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