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LEAOD has a resident Competition Team called Showteam. Members of the team dance competitively and spend considerable amount of hours training each week. With such a great range of classes and levels on our timetable we are able to offer the highest standard of training so that pupils can train to an elite level if they wish. Dancing to a competitive level requires a great deal of determination and commitment. To become a member of our Competition Team ‘Showteam’, a dancer must possess a positive attitude, great dedication, and an exceptional understanding of dance technique. This is measured by a dancer's performance throughout the previous dance season and/or audition. Being invited to join the team is an outstanding privilege as not every dancer at LEAOD has this same opportunity.

If pupils are hoping to pursue a career in the arts they should be training a minimum of 4-6 hours a week. 



Not only do dancers gain self-confidence but competitive dancing also instills a sense of discipline and motivation that will carry throughout the rest of their life. Dancers will learn how to be humble winners and more importantly, they`ll learn to be respectful losers. Everyone must be able to accept defeat and learn from it...always be happy of the outcome. Competitive dancing is such a great experience that losing is never an issue! Every competing experience is a good one and should be treated as such.


To be considered for the LEAOD Showteam, pupils must be dancing at least 6 different dance classes a week. With classical ballet being the core subject and foundation to other dance styles, its essential that at least two of these classes must be Ballet. 

If you are a member of the Academy and are keen to take your dance to the next level and be in the Showteam please express your interest to Miss Louise. 


Alternatively if you are looking for some dance entertainment to make a future event extra special please click here to enquire.

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