At LEAOD we offer Ballet classes suitable for pre-school children. We believe that early introduction to music and dance is very important and the disciplined environment helps children to understand how to behave in a class situation. The children learn to work as a team and how to share whilst having fun. Whether the child continues to dance as they grow up or just wants to dance for a short time, the classes will teach valuable lessons that will help prepare the children for when they start school and teaches them how to behave and interact in a group environment.

Pre School Ballet is the first official Ballet class offered to children. The parent is not present in the room so its important the child is happy in this situation and can take direction from the teacher. It is a very disciplined class and even at a young age, teaches the children the correct way to behave in class. Ballet steps are introduced into this fun but structured class and the children have opportunities to do some moves individually to build up their confidence. Children can join in Baby Ballet as young as 2 and a half years if they are ready but the most common age for children ready for Baby Ballet is 3 years old. It is a non syllabus class however the children repeat exercises each week so there is consistency and familiarity with what they do. Most of the class is to classical ballet music however we have fun time at the end of class which usually consists of ribbons and fun songs! 

Pre-School Classes

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