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Made for dance schools, Movitae enables schools to create an online hub for students. You will be able to take your dance class home and your teachers can assist you between lessons, helping you become a better dancer faster. Unlike social media, you can only share within your organisation and Movitae is suitable for all ages.


With Movitae we can:


  • Create your 'go-to' place for all your dance resources and learning material

  • Share video footage, images and/or music files straight from the classroom to you or your class groups with feedback

  • Communicate directly with you - students and parents will be notified when an item is shared to your Timeline

  • Set homework for you!

  • Create a discussion around the dance content

  • Easily share school information

  • Help you strengthen by sharing class and student-specific conditioning exercises

  • Help you set goals, view your progress and reward you for your effort


With Movitae you can:


  • Create your personal dance profile!

  • Keep all your dance information, dance video, music and inspiration in one place

  • Request feedback on your competition or practice videos from your teacher

  • Create your own dance journal and share them with your teachers for review – you can prove you’ve improved!

  • Purchase resources such as dance conditioning exercises

  • Be part of your online class community


Parents give your young dancer the chance to extend their learning, to take advantage of and enjoy the online environment and to share in their love of dance with their class group. If you have any questions please get in touch with Movitae (info@movitae.com) or come and talk to us at the studio.

Please follow the instructions below:


  1. Not on Movitae? Contact Us for LEAOD's unique sign up link or go to www.movitae.com/signup and enter the code at on the LEAOD Studio Noticeboard.

NB. Sign up using your child’s name, you will need to enter parent details for each child. You will be linked to LOUISE EMMA ACADEMY OF DANCE and will be prompted to join your class groups.



Download the free Movitae App onto your smart phone/tablet and use this to upload video or for fast easy access to your/your child's account.


Once you have an account your teacher will be able to share items with you. You will get an email notification when they do this.


Remember to contact the very helpful Movitae team at any time if you have any questions on info@movitae.com or use the help desk.

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