Modern (also referred to as Modern Jazz) is one of the most popular forms of dance as this is the most commonly recognised choreography in musicals and shows. It is an important form of technical dance and pupils often take well to it as whilst its a structured disciplined class, it allows the body to move a lot more freely than ballet. We follow the I.S.T.D syllabus and this take the pupils through strenghening and stretching movements which are then developed into routines. In each grade rhythm is explored and children are encouraged to produce their own ideas and style. Modern incorporates the technical elements of ballet and requires strong core strength so its highly recommended that pupils take ballet as well as their modern class so they get a better understanding of the required posture and technique needed.


Primary is the first grade offered in the modern syllabus and these pupils can start at 4 years old. This class is very fun and uses a lot of imagination exercises whilst introducing rhythm, balance and co-ordination. Pupils then work up through the grades and may have the opportunity to partake in exams.


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