Code Of  Conduct


At LEAOD we pride ourselves on having a fun and friendly school. We provide a safe, welcoming and healthy enviroment so the pupils get the most out of their classes. To enable this LEAOD has a strict code of conduct and a level of behaviour that is expected from all the pupils. Swearing, bad behaviour and bullying are not tolerated at all.


Rules Of  LEAOD 


-Correct uniform must be worn to every class. If a class has no specific uniform please make sure you wear appropriate dance wear. No jewellery apart from stud earings.


-Hair must be neat and tidy at all times.

For all Ballet classes a ballet bun must be worn, hair must be up and off face for all other classes.


-Good attendance is expected for all classes. Commitment and dedication will help you achieve levels that will exceed your expectations. It is also important to remember that you are part of a team.


-Pupils must be on time to class, being late to class is not only unfair to the teacher and fellow pupils but also creating a risk of injury to the pupil concerned as we warm up first to prepare for the class to help prevent injuries.


- Pupils must respect the staff at LEAOD at all time.


-Corrections will be given to the pupils to help improve their technique and skill, its important that these are taken without argument and dispute. The teachers at LEAOD have the pupil's best interest at heart and have great passion to make each pupil the best they can be so corrections should not be taken personally.


-No Mobile Phones in class.


-No food in class.


-No Chewing Gum.


-General respect is expected for the studio. Feet on the walls and touching the mirrors is not tolerated.


-No parents are to remain in the studio during class unless permission from the teacher has been given. People watching the class create a distraction especially for the younger children. There is a watching week at the end of each term where parents can watch their child and take pictures and videos. 


-Please note that one of the Term's and Conditions of the Academy is to give at least 4 weeks notice if a pupil is wishing to withdraw from any subject. Pupils leaving or joining classes can affect the timetable and it also means someone else can have the opportunity to take the place.




At LEAOD, each of the classes consist of pupils of a similar age however we believe its important for the children to be aware of the other pupils of the Academy.

At shows and events its great for the different ages to mix and socialise together. The junior end of the Academy really look up to Senior pupils so its important that they are hard working and friendly role models for the younger pupils. The senior pupils regularly assist with classes and Holiday Programmes so it lovely that the younger children really look up to them and aspire to be like them. 

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