Come along to Acrobatics Classes and learn and refine a variety of Acro Dance moves. Depending on ability, moves worked on will be: hand stands, head stands, cartwheels, walk overs, flexibility moves, tumbling moves, aerials, round offs, back tucks. Time will also be spent on Conditioning and Strengthening Exercises.


Acro combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography which blends dance and acrobatics. Our aim is to produce dancers who are able to perform tricks and tumbles to make them strong and versatile dancers. Therefore the emphasis will be on flexibility, strength, balance and endurance exercises and excuting flowing movements that can be incorporated into their dances. Acro can also be taken as a single subject, there is so much to learn and with it being a very physically demanding class it is great for exercise. The class is open to ages 4yrs upwards classes are based on ability. 

As an Acrobatic Arts Certified studio we follow the progressions and training methods in this syllabus.

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